About Us

First of all, thank you so much for visiting my site Boarding Vela and clicking the about us link. This site was launched at the 16th of March 2022 and somehow it took off. I just wanted to write about skateboarding and its important accessories from my perspective, my experience, and keep it real.

Boarding Vela is A Skateboarding Blog including many categories: Tips Tricks, General tutorials, Skateboard Purpose & Buying Guide, Review, and Accessories. The articles in these categories help the reader to understand the general knowledge of skateboarding, the tips of skateboarding and how to choose the most suitable skateboard products.

Boarding Vela Vision & Mission

Skateboarding is a sport for the winners, and we will bring you all the secrets you need to know! If you are here, that means we share the same passion for skateboarding. We started to appreciate the thrills of skateboarding as well as the techniques of this sport a few years ago. This is a game that requires both passion and dedication to master it to get its highest benefits. Once you become the skateboarder that you want to be, you are the winner of the game. And on Boarding Vela, you will find all you need for that to happen!

Everything will be there for you to enjoy, from beginner-friendly ideas and advice to different skating brands to invest in and key tricks to learn.

We believe that anyone can be a successful skateboarder and even make a living off of it if they study and improve their skills. And it is our mission to provide you with the necessary knowledge to help you achieve your goals!

Today we are able to test and buy everything and give a fair judgment. Boardingvela.com is independent and will stay that way.

I made this site to share skateboarding, which is the only thing that makes me joyful! When I come in, my mind is clear of all the ifs (except what if I hurt myself). Skating is a way of life, an art, and a sport for youngsters, according to some. All I know is that when I get home from a good session, I feel great and full of energy.

Another reason I’m so passionate about this website is the complete trash and terrible guides that come up when you search for something on Google. I try to write the best possible answers to frequently asked questions by providing honest, unbiased content. It’s a mix of popular and famous, expert opinion, and thorough research.

Contact Information:

Website: https://boardingvela.com/